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Traveling the Trails


-@A'Beckett Urban Square in the CBD, Melbourne


-Produced in collaboration between Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project and URBAN AGENCY: living laboratory a research project within RMIT ‘s Centre for Art Society and Transformation.


-digital vinyl printed artwork


-34m x 2m

Traveling the Trails depicts a celestial journey across space and time, from the far reaches of the galaxy to our present being on Planet Earth. As the viewer’s gaze moves along the canvas, they journey from beyond our solar system to arrive at our city, before traveling down to the Earth’s core.

The artwork’s handdrawn lines have a free-flowing and organic form, suggesting the artist’s interest in Ikebana – the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Conceptually, these lines represent the flow of life connecting the individual to the universal, the cosmopolitan to the cosmic. The work has a meditative and whimsical quality, inviting viewers to reflect upon life, human connection and the universe while moving through a busy urban space.

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