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1. The 'Just Keep Going' Series

The ‘Just Keep Going’ series is an ongoing 3D line-drawing installation/performance series with projection, consisting of different-patterned crochet hemp yarn directly applied to original structures in a range of sites across Australia. The yarns are re-used to the next site bringing all the experience and memories in the sites where they existed in the past. Using neither nails nor hooks to compose and attach the yarn, I engage playfully with each site I work in. 

Audiences, or participants; spetial, material and textural elements, and life that inhabits in sites are conceptualised in a process of constant ‘becoming’ in which identities are transformed by encounters with others. These are folded into the work’s being in specific time and place. 

The ‘Just Keep Going’ series was originally developed as an installation to create a safe environment and encouragement for self-reflection for the public in a globalised and technological world. It proved to be a healing process for myself from the trauma derived from my experience of the evacuation from the Fukushima nuclear accident. Afterwords, it encouraged me to start sharing a new narrative, which, ultimately, resulted in transforming my practice toward a gentle activism for the right to live in a ‘safe’ place as an environmental refugee.

I introduce some of the works with my reflection chronologically.

1. Shelter and Encouragement, Oct 2017
4. Becoming: Differences, Aug 2018
2. Sanctuary, Jan-March 2018
5. Becooming: Layers of Life, Aug 2018
3. Displacement, May 2018
IMG_3506 copy.jpg
6. Departure, Sep 2018
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