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Just Keep Going _ Celebrate Life  

This video shows sample experience both in daytime and night time

“Just Keep Going ” is a large-scale installation consisting of crochet hemp yarn directly applied to the original structures in the site without any nails and other tools, which represents the way we humans live and connect to their daily lives and the universe.

“Just Keep Going ”  is a live 3D Line Drawing on the structures in the site during the exhibition. Technically I just hang or tie the yarns on the structure like trees, bush, the edge of the rocks, buildings or any stuff in the site. No nails and no tools are used in installing. I use a ladder when installing the yarn on the high point. Installing performance itself is really working to activate the site, to engage in the public and to connect to the participants.

“Just Keep Going ” is turned into a 3D screen with complicated composition after dark. The images projected on the yarns gain more deep perspective and invite the audience into a journey to the universe in their deep inside or a experience the connection to the universe.

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