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Being Keepers : Open House!
Being Keepers_Ryoko Kose.png

Artist Talk
Wed 22.02.2023 6pm to 8pm

@Mesopotamia Art Space 

Exhibition at Home

Dates TBC

@ Home in Preston (The address will be shared soon)

How can we be part of the ecology of the place where we live in? What makes us leave the familiarised environment and what happens to us before/after being torn off the circle?


A refuge in emergency for Ryoko and her family has been mutated into a home for everyday life. This transformation was induced by a series of disruptions including the nuclear accident, the lockdowns and re-openings during the COVID-19 pandemic, and an incredibly generous property vacating request with no eviction date and full bond refund.


Being Keepers_Ryoko Kose2.png

In this Open House, as part of her decomposition practice, Ryoko reflects and shares her very site-responsive and family engaged practice of turning a refuge to a home at her house in Preston, where her family have been living in for eight and a half years since they evacuated from Japan in 2014. 


This exhibition is an experiment by Ryoko to present the ecology of home as an alternative political, social, and environmental imaginary to be side by side with uncertainty. Ryoko seeks to gently survive and be part of the ecology in different sites by decomposing the geopolitical, social, economic, cultural, and human nature boundaries maintained by Western-led political and knowledge systems. 


Her decomposition practice draws on her cultural heritage, specifically influences from Japanese indigenous knowledge (or so-called animism in English). The medium/decomposers of the project are her everyday life and her red yarn-based art practice, which is informed by ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), site-responsive public art practice.

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