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My art practice seeks to represent the flow, differences and connectedness of life; my style informed by backgrounds in both graphic design and Ikebana.

I am interested in the development and conservation of human identity in a globalised, technological world. The strangeness among people often leads a transformation of their identity, inspiring them to find a new perspective for their life, which, I hope, might make a world more thoughtful. My works draw upon my own experience of the forced displacement derived from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. 

<A list of works>

  1.  The 'Just Keep Going' Series

    1. Just Keep Going_ Look Up in the Sky, 2017, Twigs and wool yarn, 5mx5mx10m, Ryoko Kose

    2. Just Keep Going _ Sanctuary, 2018, Hemp yarn, 3mx7mx5m and 3mx2mx1.5m, Ryoko Kose

    3. Just Keep Going _ Displacement, 2018, Hemp yarn, 10mx5mx5m, Ryoko Kose

    4. Just Keep Going _ Becomming, 2018, Hemp yarn, Ryoko Kose

    5. Just Keep Going _ Becomming, 2018,
      Hemp yarn + Projection, 3mx1m x1m and 2.5mx3mx2m, 5mins, Ryoko Kose and Zeljko Radic

    6. Just Keep Going _ Departure, 2018, Hemp yarn, 5mx10mx10m, Ryoko Kose

  2. Traveling the Trails, 2017, Printed Vinyl, 2mx32.5m, Ryoko Kose

  3. Life, 2017, Organza+Projection, 3mx7mx5m, 2 mins, Mariah Bakhtiar, Zeljko Radic and Ryoko Kose

  4. Revolution2017, Vinyl, Jutta Pryor, Simon Reis, Steven Tonkin, Fang Wang, Peiwen Wu and Ryoko Kose
  5. Dragon Gate, 2011, Oil Pastel + Oil Paint

     *Dimension= H x W x D   

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